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I would like to wish you and your family a very blessed Easter holiday. I hope that you have time to draw close to family and friends and to reflect on the rich symbolism of this special time of year.

It's the perfect time to celebrate Easter traditions or create new ones. A favorite tradition in many families is to gather everyone together and dye eggs for the Easter festivities. Rather than go with the usual, why not give the chemical-free rainbow-like colors below a try?

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  Did You Know...

You can achieve an amazing array of vivid rainbow-like colors for Easter egg dying from natural ingredients? Here are a few fun ones to try - and what beautiful results you can expect!

Red cabbage leaves = robin's egg blue color
Orange or lemon peel = yellow
Carrot tops = yellow/green
Yellow Delicious apple peeling = lavender with flecks of rusty gold
Fresh spinach = pink with pale green tones
Celery seed = yellow
Fresh beets = pinkish red
Brown onion peels = orange
Chile powder = brown/orange tones
Cranberries = pinkish red

Fascinating, isn´t it? And chemical-free! It´s a wonderful craft to try with the kids or grandkids a few days before Easter. Experiment by mixing combinations or leaving them to soak overnight for more intense color.
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