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Summertime is coming to an end and there are early signs of fall. It's time to put away our summer clothes! Turn off the air conditioner! Hurrah! Football season has finally arrived!

For us Labor Day brings parades, festivals, speeches, and picnics. Just as Memorial Day heralds the beginning of summer vacations, to most Americans Labor Day signals the waning of summer.

When this Labor Day roles around, don´t be a workaholic! Take a well deserved rest and enjoy your family! I hope you and yours have a fun and safe Labor Day!

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  Lemon Strawberry Shortcake

6 oz raspberries
10-16 oz ripe strawberries, hulled & cut up
11 oz jar lemon curd
2 tablespoons water
6 dessert shells
Redi Whip or Cool Whip

Mix together the berries (add some sugar or spenda if not sweet enough) and set aside.

Pour the lemon curd (usually found in the jelly section in the supermarket) into a small pot with 2 tablespoons of water; stir and heat to a simmer (may need a whisk to break up); and remove from heat. Put the shells into the microwave and heat for 10 seconds then place each on a dessert plate. Pour a couple spoonfuls of heated lemon curd in the center of each shell; pile on the berries and top with the whipping cream.

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