Watch this until Sylvestor catches Tweety...(wait for it. It's worth it)... then scroll down...



































    		This was an idiot test. How long did you watch?
    		0-2 seconds      -           there's hope for you
    		2-5 seconds      -           having a bad day?
    		5-10 seconds     -           are you maybe just a slow reader?
    		10-20 seconds    -           remedial classes are nothing to be ashamed of
    		20-30 seconds    -           it is recommended that you don't breed.
    		30 sec-1 min     -           you probably can't read this anyway. So why bother?
    		1-2 min          -           the equivalent of the average house plant
    		2-5 min          -           Good afternoon Mr Bush
    		5 min-1 hr       -           Dead people score in this range
    		1hr plus         -           congratulations. You have a negative IQ. To find out what your prize is,
     			               	     watch Bugs Bunny until he finishes his carrot...

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