Christmas Letters to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,
I can really explain! If I was being bad I take it all back and I'll never do it again! Please forgive me!
Dear Santa,
My dad read me the story about Virginia O'Hanlon which I thought was good. I try to be a good girl and sometimes I make mom and dad mad, but I still love them. I hope to see you soon.
Love Marisa Age 8
Dear Santas
For Christmas I want Mom to be nice to me ,new hot wheels vidowe game, vitowe camra, new rc toys, a bell that only people who bleev in santa, kids nest door tree house, a girl friende like Emley, Mery Christmes Santas,
from Chris
hi santa,
all i want for christmas is more christmas sprit
is santa really real if he is then send me a letter back cause he knows were i live
my name is adam
dear santa,
i love you......please bring me a dr baby..cinderall dress,chalk board.....
love, Amber
santa claus
would you e mail me and tell me your address so that i can send you a christmas letter? was Jesus your brother? was Jesus jewish?
hi santa,
my friend matt sais there is no santa. is there
I'm 11. I didn't belive. Now that I read this "Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus" my mind was changed. Thanks.
hello santa!!
at first i only beileved in stuff that I saw, but now I was proved wrong!!!You are real, arn't you?! Please let me see you somtime so I can prove everyone that thought as I did wrong.
Love, Shannon
dear Santa
i really want a dog i also want gift card for build a bear so try really hard
love, natalia
hi santa, for christmas i would like a puppy. please
To Santa's helper,
My sisters said there is no such thing as Santa Claus because they said how can he deliver the presents all over the world in one night?. I'm 11 and I want to know the truth it is 2003 in 2001 I wrote too Santa and I said can I have a mountain bike and I t was Xmas day and there was a mountain bike. know can you please answer this question in the truth way is there a Santa Claus.
Love, Gordon
if you are real tell me about it
R u the real santa if? so please for christmas i want a family who all shared tiem with each other and that is it .
thank you, debbie
what i want for christmas is a cheerleading uniform that says CJC.
Dear Santa
What would you like for christmas. What is your favourite colour. I wish you a Merry christmas & a happy new year. Best wishes for next year. thank you for your long letter i enjoyed reading it. have a great christmas with your family. You are one of my favourite friends.
From Chelsea aged 7
dear santa
i want a bike in some cds in a lots of other things
love bethany
dear Santa Claus..
have a nice Christmas... this year I would like a Hess Truck please, and I would like a new bike too..and shoes...and I would like a bowling game..and the Simpson's hit and run for playstation....could I please have a gameboy xp..that would be enough for me this year...have a MERRY CHRISTMAS..HO HO HO!!!
From Gerard
Dear Santa,
I can explain why I hit my brother, I was mad because my friends at school took my essay on the thirteen origanal colonies and I had to turn it in late.
Singed, Matthew
hi santa
for christmas i would like the american girl doll kit. and i would like the american girl autfit that is called the radiant rhinestones outfit. for the doll. and the soccer outfit for doll. american girl outfit for that.
Dear Santa,
some girls are telling me you are not real , But I don't believe theme.thank you for the hat you gave me last year,It looks just like yours. My nana is right here she told me to tell you hi! She sends her love. You do not know how much I love you Santa . I Have been thinking of you all time I can't stop thinking of you. i could hug you like A Teddy Bear.Do you really know the Tooth Fairy? please check on aunt Kris 's twins for me please please please .I'm so so so excitied you are comeing on Christmas Eve are you? We have a dog and it 's name is Pepe please don't for get he . Please write back.I love you so so so so much . I well send my love
love, haley
I sent my Christmas list To my Dad to give to you. I spending christmas at my dad house.
from your friend , Brittany
Dear Santa
Can i have a CD player New sokes a baby doll a angel doll ***** Joy to all the world
dear santa
please please please can i have a laptop for Christmas
love from flossie xxx
Dear Santa,
I have tried my best to be good this year. And I think I've done a good job! It's Just I never really see you. So I don't really believe you exist. So if you really do come and see me at my house on Christmas Eve.
Please Santa I need to believe!
Love, Madison
dear santa claus,
hello hoe are you? I'm fine you are cool I believe on you Merry Chrismas how is mrs claus and the elfs and your raindeers and rudolph he is my favorites raindeer. I wish a real puppy and I wish to meet you this year? say hello to mrs claus and the elfs
Your friend Alma
Dear Santa
I have been so good this year that I think I should get every thing I want. Hunter has been very bad this year. sooooo...... Thats all I wanted to say so bye. Oh! and Merry Christmas!
Love, Emily
Hi Santa
Hi first of all I am 12. I am a girl. And my name is Heather. I have had the same bike for a bit . And I like it alot but I sort of want a new one. A boy bike with pegs. And silver color. But I still like my bike.
Thank you and Merry Christmas, Heather
dear santa
i want a nintendo please
hi santa
am i on the good list email me back
Dear Santa Claus,
Merry Christmas!!! I have been really good this year,really wonderful this year!!!
Love Rachel
Hello Santa Claus
I'm alice. I'm a Italian people,i live in Porlezza. Porlezza is a small country in province of como .Want for Christmas very presents, the first is peace and love in the world,one beautiful cd of Avrile Lavigne,one book and x-pen . Goodbay Santa Claus elapsear one beautiful Christmas.
ciao Alice!!!!!!
Dear Santa,
My name is Samantha and I have been a very good girl this year and can I please get: A dance mat,clothes,bratz,a mobile elf the vidieo and sweets and chocolate, a toffee apple maker, toys and what ever else you can manage
Thank you, Samantha
hey santa,
whats up? what i want 4 x-mas is, 1. cell phone, 2. black light, 3. adidas purfume, 4. my mom not be so angry.
hi here is what i want for christmas,
skies, board games, vollyball knee pads, horse blanket red colored, playstation games, school supplies, volleyball, arts stuff, new miniature English saddle, horse stuff, a stuffed puppy, horse, rabbit, cat and dog treats
my name is kaitlyn
PS: i've been a good girl
Dear Santa,
This year I want LEGO soccer,cathers gear,drums,and a go cart.
love, Evan
Can i stay up to see you santa? this is my list, legos, perfection.
thank you, koby
P.S. can you stay a long time?
I believe in santa every christmas I wait up for him i watch my little brother sleeping and i think of the song santa claus is coming to town and then i go to sleep.
hi santa
also what i wish i could have christmas is a real pony but i have no room for it
love allyson
dear santa,
i think you exist bu don't know how. how can a guy live for so long? you did. but what is the secret? i want to know because i want to be an elf for doesn't seem like christmas because of wars and things. am i just getting older? but my mom is exicited.
sighned, want to be an elf, sarah
Dear Santa,
For christmas I would like a Brat Limousine, Brat Bedroom, and two new Brat Dolls named Eiten and Coby. I've been a girl, I told some fibs but I asked God for forgiveness.
Sincerely, Anastasia
Dear Santa
Do you really have elves all over the world?Cause one of my presents has Made in China on it.And so I really think Santa's real but in a way i think he's not real.
Love, Camille Age: 8
Dear Santa
I will try my best to be very good. I would like Diva doll, Barbie clothes and I have to think of what eles.
Love, Madison
Dear Santa Claus
Im sorry I have been bad .I think its because I turned ten.I will try to be good.
Sincerly, Katie
P.S I think your real
dear santa
i am 8 years old and my sister is 5. we are good kids and we do all our homework. we help our mom at home. santa our wish list is a cabbage patch doll for my sister and a game for my xbox i do not have alot of games. i would like smackdown vs raw.
thank you santa, jose
dear santa
if you can i would like.............a new football,a watch,a tv for my room,a letter from you or an email,a spud gun
love from wayne.... thankyou!!!!!!!
how does santa get into my roof (i dont hav a chimney or anything else on top of my roof). how does santa's sleigh hold all of those presents. how big r raindeer. can i get a johndeer 4 christmas
right back soon, ~*~Courtney~*~
Dear Santa,
I've been a good girl, waiting and hopeing for Christmas. Please, I do not have a chimeny so I will leave the front door unlocked. The milk and cookies will be on the living room table next to the Christmas tree. My wish list is here (please do not think I am greedy)... hello kitty toys, or game boy games, clothes or a suprise for my whole family. I am ten years old, and my wish list dose not have to be granted, but I would love it to be.
With love, Linnea
Dear santa
I beleave in you, so i would like a despension on a bike, a fastion centre and a bratz hairdressing salon please. My brother would like a pokeomon cards, ninja turtles playset and a spiderman car.
Thanks from Rachael and Alex.
Hi Santa!
I love the things you do for me every year! My friends at school said you worn't real so I wanted to know and now I know thank you for telling me!
Thaks Santa! From Tanya
Dear Santa,
I can explain that I havent seen you so I started not to belive in you. I dont care what other people say I DO believe in you so please for give me.
Your friend Mariah
Dear Santa,
I want to have my grandma Sharon a.k.a Meme to come to Missouri this year!
Truley your biggest fan, Korbin
Dear Santa,
I didnt think you were real till I saw this sight . I want a briar horse and a barn,and saddle people to go with it. Also i want a picture of you to prove you are real.
thank you so much, Amy
dear santa,
Thank u so much 4 all. u r so nice and giving and caring. Am i on ur naughty list or nice list?
Dear Santa,
Hi my nams Allison and I am 10 years old. My mom told me Santa Claus isn't real. I read the submission for "Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus" and I got confused. Is there a real Santa Claus? Please tell me the truth.
Thanks, Allison age 10
Dear Santa
Can I please have a 8 in one hair styler and dont forget to take off the price tag because you left it on last year!!!
thank you santa love from emily
I thought u wernt real so any way im almost 11 and ive been pretty good all yar can i please have a cellphone?
Dear Santa,
I just wanted to know how nice i was this year?and I would also like to ask you where do you go in the summer?anyways I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA
Hallo Santa!
I am Maya and i come from Slovenia...Slovenia is very far away from you. My English isn't very good, so I hope, you will understand me. How are you? I hope, you are fine? I like animals. I have two hamsters at home and my dog, and I like it. I hope you will write me a letter? This year I was good.
Love, from Maya
Dear Santa,
I want to know stuff about you Where do you stay? What age are you [ don't say very old or I can't tell you ] ? Send me a picture of you and your wife now and your work shop. I would like picture of your reindeer's and a picture of rudolph the reindeer. I can't wait till christmas. I want to see what you have got in your work shop show me some tomboy stuff or any thing cool.
bye bye Santa XXX
dear santa clause
all I want for cristmas is to home schooled because everybody at school is mean to me
Sincerly, Shawn
Dear Santa,
Me, Nicky, Zachary and Bethany have been good this year! I (Koby) want an Electric scooter, a Hover Disc, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, stickers, a new play station game and a new Game Boy Game. I REALLY WANT AN ELECTRIC SCOOTER!!!!!!! Nicky wants an Electric guitar, Electric drum set, T, H, U, G,
From Nicky and Koby bye.
Dear Santa Clous,
Don't know what I want for christmas. It's really hard. All the others nine years i have been finebut now i am stuck. Can you suprise me please.
Thanks i will look out for you on the 24th, Charlotte
Hi santa
I want you to bring me DragonBallZ budoki3 for cristmas, I have been good this year
Dear Santa,
I was writing to you in hopes that you can get me a spy gear safe cracker. But, anything you get me will be fine.
Thank you so much Santa, Love Cade
Dear Santa Claus,
My name is Danica. This year I want a bike for x-mas. I'm sorry I beat up my sister and picked on her.
Your friend, Danica
I am sorry about all the bad things i did this year. Please forgive me i love you santa.
your friend, christine
p.s. i am 9
Dear Santa,
Are you real ? Because some people think your not real . But I think your real ! Do you know every body ? Do you know my brother? Im your helper and so is everyone who belives in you!
Love, Allie
Dear Santa,
I'm sooooo sorry for the way I've been mean and I haven't believed in you for so long but please forgive in me !!!!!!!
dear santa
i beileve that you are real but half of my friends dont beileve in you i wonderd if you could come to my school at leigh st.thomas and proove that you are real you dont need to be quick about it . i hope you have a happy christmas and please can you email me.
thankyou from scott age 10 1/2
so Santa
what do you have instore for me ? Im Ashlyn and my brother Jordan he has been bad so has my sister Lauren
love , Ashlyn
dear santa,
I thought you didnt exist .I thought it was just my mother and father until I went to this website. I'm sorry for not believing in you. I hope you will 4 give me. Thankyou!!!!!!
LOVE, Crystal
Dear Santa,
Why cant anyone se you at night when you come to give them presents. Oh I want a play station two and my sister wants a bike but you don`t need to get her a bike because we `re getting her one. just get her something good . She has no idea what she wants besides a bike.
From Cassidy
i'm sorry about my bad behavior i have been a little stressed with school and every thing .i have been coaght up in a little more than i can handle. i still hope u get me my gifts .i'm really sorry.
Dear Santa
I love you Santa . We will be at our Meme`s house celebrating Christmas I hope you know where her house is because you will need to OK . Cassidy is my big sister she has been righting to you a lot she really likes you and I do to . My momma said that you are really nice and I think so too . You always give us way cool presents and we don`t even have to pay .And I really think your cool because you can always se what we`re doing . My friends say you don`t exist but I think you do . I guess they are not going to get any presents because they don`t think you are real .
Hannah Lyn
I have been good this year. I always belve in you. I am 7 years old. For Christmas i want a dancing balerina for free. I love you Santa.Say Hi to Mrs. Claus.
Love, Ella
hello Santa,
i have a friend who does not believer in you santa and i do. i think you can hear every word we are saying to day his name is ryan. i dont think that he should get any presents this year?
I think santa is real. I asked my dad if he ate all the cookies but he said "no". I saw the moive the polor exspres I wish the poler exspres was real. e-mail me back if you can
your friend Hannah
Dear Santa
I hope you can come too my house if were sleeping or not. And what ever you bring me I'm sure like it. But I would like some things too due... art for a example a paint set or easel
Love, Gabriella
Dear Santa,
Could I please have a two wheeler scooter and have my friends have a lot of toys too. I love you Santa.
Love Kaitlyn
hi santa
i really want to meet u cause i want a guitar and clothes for christmas i can't wait i am going to have a blast and i do belive in u and merry christmas santa! bye!!
dear santa
my name is alicia and what if you look at your presents befor christmas will you still bring presents beacusee i saw myn
from alicia
Dear Santa
What I want for Christmas is my family to be happy and to get along plase help me with this wish. If you forget where I live I live in Lovettsville Virginia. My family is haveing some trouble with money and my parents fight about it. If you could spread this joy please do so.
Your`s truly Chris
dear santa,
I'm sorry that I did not belive in you. I thought that you were fake. Since I read that letter I was shocked that you were real. I,m so sorry. I hope that I get some presents.
sinserley, ali
I have been really good and my dad even said so. please tell my brother that there is such thing as santa
can I ride in the sleigh with you this year please?
Santa's Helper,
Umm.... this is a little akward but here I go.I am Alexia M. and 10 years old. My friends say that youre(santa) a fake but do I belive them? No not really.Well it's just that I don't know so don't get mad, Santa. Oh Gosh if this is really Santa then okay, but if it's not this is inberissing! I have tried to be good but it really does not work please forgive me for all my sins and my bad sides I'll try to be better next year! Please even though I messed up, give me at least 1 present okay?Well got to go BYE AND HAVE A JOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS!! I DO BELIVE SANTA OR SANTA"S HELPER,
On cristmas eve, can you come and wake me up so I can see you and take a picture of you to proove to my friend that you are real
Your Beliver, Alex
You are a great person.I have a Quetion have you arelready started delivering? I hope I am on the nice list i forgot to tell you I am 7 years old now.My mom when she was little snuck down stairs and saw you. did you know that?
Love Drew
Dear Santa,
I'm sorry that i didn't believe in you before.But I do now. Will you forgive me? I don't really want coal in my stocking. Please can I have a Bratz doll instead?
pleaz and thanx,Amy
Hi Santa
My name is Aaron i am 14 yers old. I like to play soccer and beskball. Santa for christmas may i have XBOX.
From Aaron
dear,santa claus,
love daniella
dearest santa claus,
my name is mark and i would like you to get me a bike for christmas. i would also like to know if i am on your naughty or nice list. please let me know. i have no presents under my tree for me yet. i am worried...
sincerely yours, mark
dear santa,
merry christmas! if you are wondering how old i am, i am eight years old. my name is jessica.instead of a gift, i want a wish.i want to become faumous.happy holidays!
love, jessica
dear Santa,
im going to let you get me anything that you think i need this year.Im so sorry that all the bad things that i have done.well,write to me back if you have time.
Hi this is Gwen from MALTA
Dear santa
how are u and are the elfs make me a present and other presents and have i been naghty or nice.

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus!

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