12/07/41 1st Report from CBS (344k wav)

12/08/41 President formally announces attack to Congress (89k wav)

12/08/41 Full Speech by FDR to Congress (1.1MB wav)

12/11/41 Congress Declares War on both Germany and Italy (226k wav)

president Franklin D Roosevelt address Congress WW2 Poster

Honolulu Star Bulletin December 7th WW2 Poster

You buy 'em, we'll fly 'em WW2 Poster

Give it your best WW2 Poster

Navy - if you tell where he's going, he may never get there WW2 Poster

knife stuck thru bible -this is the enemy- WW2 Poster

Where our men are fighting, out men are fighting WW2 Poster

Americans will always fight for liberty WW2 Poster

Deliver ships WW2 Poster

OURS - Save freedom of speech WW2 Poster

OURS - to fight for freedom from fear WW2 Poster

OURS - to fight for freedom from want WW2 Poster

Save freedom of worship WW2 Poster

OURS - to fight for freedom WW2 Poster

The 5 Sullivan brothers WW2 Poster

All night long WW2 Poster

What did you do today for freedom WW2 Poster

You can't afford to miss either WW2 Poster

To have and to hold WW2 Poster

Army Air Force - Oer the ramparts we watch WW2 Poster

Keep 'em flying WW2 Poster

Give us lumber for more PT's WW2 Poster

Do it right - make it bite WW2 Poster

Navy - Sub spotted...let 'em have it WW2 Poster

We have just begun to fight WW2 Poster

Keep it up brother WW2 Poster

Blabbed 2 WW2 Poster

Careless Blabber WW2 Poster

Free Speach WW2 Poster

Careless talk got there first WW2 Poster

His life is in your hands WW2 Poster

She may look clean BUT WW2 Poster

VD delayed WW2 Poster

VD covers the world WW2 Poster

No enemy sub WW2 Poster

Bits of careless talk WW2 Poster

Let us go forward together WW2 Poster

Let's catch him with his Panzers down WW2 Poster

Do with less so they'll have enough WW2 Poster

Bond or Bondage WW2 Poster

Memorial Wall

War Wall

War Wall 2

Human Statue of Liberty

Pearl Harbor Rememberance from FreeRepublic.com

1940s video

Kate Smith introduces God Bless America

Japanese Sign Final Surrender

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